14º Seminário

Auditório E
Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP/IPP)
Rua Dr. António Bernardino de Almeida, 431
4200-072 Porto

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How To Arrive

ISEP is located in the University area in the north of the city, and it
is served by the Metro line D (Yellow Line)
with a direct connection (15 minutes) to the city center (downtown).




+ Information

Hotels In The Campus Area

There are two hotels that are actually located in the campus area:

  • Hotel IBIS São João
    The IBIS São João is less than 5 minutes walking to the conference
    location. The IBIS São João is very good for an IBIS. The daily
    rate is below € 70 (all taxes and breakfast included). The WiFi,
    however, is only free in the common areas. You can book your rooms
    directly via their webpage.

  • Hotel Eurostars Porto
    The Eurostars Oporto is higher standard (larger, rooms, etc.) and
    it is around 10 minutes walking. Their Bed & Breakfast daily rate
    is also below € 70. The WiFi is free everywhere. To book your room
    use this website.

Hotels Downtown With Easy Access to Campus and Conference Location

We also recomend two hotels located downtown, but with easy access to
our campus (15 minutes by Metro line D). Both are located closer to the historic Porto and have free internet
access in all the areas. The price and quality of the Hotel Porto
Trindade is similar to that of Hotel Porto Eurostars, and it is located
just across the street from the main Metro hub of the city. Hotel Teatro
is a design Hotel and prices are a bit higher.

  • Hotel Porto Trindade
    The daily rate is below € 70,00 (all taxes
    and breakfast included). Booking may be done via
    this website.

  • Hotel Teatro
    Around € 103,00 per night with taxes and breakfast
    included. This may be booked via their


Workshop Chairs: Mário Alves, Manuel Ricardo and Jorge Sá Silva

Local Organization: Inês Almeida, Sandra Almeida, Claro Noda, Hossein Fotouhi and Vikram Gupta

9:00 – Registration

9:30 – Welcome Message

9:45 – Session I – Invited Talk
Session Chair: Mário Alves

  • Scalable and Efficient Data Processing in Large-Scale Dense Cyber-Physical Systems,

    Nuno Pereira, Björn Andersson and Eduardo Tovar,


10:30 – 11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 – Session II – Benchmarking, Prototyping, Test-beds
Session Chair: Jorge Sá Silva

  1. Benchmarking a Network,

    Azmol Huda, Paulo Salvador and Rui Aguiar,


  2. Fast prototyping of network protocols through NS-3 simulation model reuse,

    Gustavo Carneiro, Helder Fontes and Manuel Ricardo,

    INESC Porto/UP

  3. VDTN@Lab – A Laboratory Testbed for Vehicular Delay-Tolerant Networks,

    João Dias, João Isento, Vasco Soares and Joel Rodrigues,

    NetGNA Group, IT/UBI

12:30 – 14:00 Lunch Break

14:00 – Session III – Innovative Routing Schemes
Session Chair: Shashi Prabh

  1. Geographic network coding,

    Hana Khamfroush, João Barros and Daniel Lucani,


  2. Inter-domain AS-Level Multipath Routing Architecture,

    Pedro Amaral, Luís Bernardo and Paulo Pinto,


15:00 – Session IV – Mobile Scenarios
Session Chair: Adriano Moreira

  1. RSSI based opportune window transmission estimation in unreliable channel conditions,

    Jonas De Troyer and K. Shashi Prabh,


  2. Real-world Implementation and Evaluation of IEEE 802.11p for Vehicular Networks,

    Filipe Neves, André Cardote, André Reis and Susana Sargento,


16:00 – 16:30 Coffee Break

16:00 – Session V – Applications
Session Chair: João Barros


    André Gomes and Jorge S. Silva et al.,


  2. SapoFitness: A Mobile Health Application for Dietary Evaluation and Monitoring,

    Bruno M. Silva, Ivo M. Lopes and Joel Rodrigues,


18:00 – 18h30 RTCM Management Meeting