22º Seminário

18 de Janeiro de 2017

Auditório J. J. Laginha
How to Arrive



09:00 – Welcome

09:10 – Session I

    1. 09:10 – Real-Time Estimation of the Interference in Wireless Mobile Networks,Luis Irio, Rodolfo Oliveira
    2. 09:30 – Acoustic WSN for Target Surveillance and Acquisition in Land Warfare,Gonçalo Atanásio, António Serralheiro, António Grilo
    3. 09:50 – Applying algorithms in UAVs to perform smart object collision avoidance maneuvers,António Raimundo, Diogo Peres, Nuno Santos, Pedro Sebastião, Nuno Souto


    4. 10:10 – Offshore Internet using an Airborne Network enabled by tethered balloons and TV White Spaces,Filipe B. Teixeira, Tiago Oliveira, Mário Lopes, José Ruela, Rui Campos, Manuel Ricardo
    5. 10:30 – Communications for Public Protection and Disaster Relief: Overview and Vision Towards the Future,Pedro Alvito, Fernando Velez


10:50 – Coffee-break

  1. 11:10 – European Research on 5G: Present and Future,Rui Aguiar

12:00 – Lunch

13:30 – Session II

  1. 13:30 – Sensing through different networks and technologies,Ruben Oliveira, Lucas Guardalben, Susana Sargento
  2. 13:50 – Trustworthy VANET routing with group authentication keys,Pedro Cirne, Susana Sargento, André Zúquete
  3. 14:10 – A Qualitative and Quantitative assessment of SDN Controllers,Pedro Bispo, Daniel Corujo, Rui L. Aguiar
  4. 14:30 – Health Kiosk: Autonomous collection of health information,João Silva, Pedro Brandão, Rui Prior


  5. 14:50 – Impact of considering the ITU-R Two Slope Propagation Model in the System Capacity Trade-off for LTE-A HetNets with Small cells,Sofia C. Sousa, Fernando J. Velez, Jon Peha

15:10 – Coffee-break

15:40 – Session III

  1. 15:40 – Android MANET testbed,Eduardo Soares, Pedro Brandão, Rui Prior, Ana Aguiar


  2. 16:00 – The Industrial Internet of Things,Michele Albano, José Silva, Luis Lino Ferreira


  3. 16:20 – Multilayer Massive MIMO at mmWave for 5G,Pedro Bento, Marco Gomes, Rui Dinis, Vítor Silva
  4. 16:40 – Boosting Capacity through Interference in 5G,Francisco Monteiro


  5. 17:00 – The use of sensor networks to create smart environments,André Glória, Nuno Souto, Francisco Cercas