15º Seminário

Auditório Prof. Altamiro Machado
Centro de Computação Gráfica (CCG), Univ. do Minho
Campus de Azurém
4800-058, Guimarães

How To Arrive

CCG is located in the Campus de Azurém, University of Minho, Guimarães. Further instruction on how to arrive to Campus de Azurém are available here.


Registration is important for logistic purposes and also for the organization to send you the receipt (by postal mail, after the event). Please make sure there is one registration per person, i.e. each person must make an individual registration.

Early registration (until Wednesday night) fee is 15 Euros, including lunch and coffee breaks, which must be paid during the registration slot (9:00-9:30), before the beginning of the sessions. Registrations on Thursday and Friday (on site) will be charged an extra EUR 5 (EUR 20 total).

To register, send an e-mail message to adriano.moreira@algoritmi.uminho.pt, with the following information:

  • Name (first + last)
  • Affiliation
  • Postal address
  • E-mail address
  • Type of participation (making a presentation, or just attending)
  • Full details for the receipt (institution/name, address, fiscal number)

We would also like to kindly ask you to arrive on time (9:00) and bring the exact amount in cash, to ease and speed up the registration process.


For those planning to arrive on Thursday and/or leave on Saturday, there are a choice of hotels in Guimarães. Some suggestions are available here (prices are for September 2011, so current prices might be different).


Workshop Chairs: Adriano Moreira, Diogo Gomes, Manuel Ricardo

Local Organization: Adriana Magalhães

9:00 – Registration

9:30 – Welcome Message
Adriano Moreira, Diogo Gomes, Manuel Ricardo

9:45 – Session I

Session Chair: Adriano Moreira

  • The Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems group (Ubicomp@UMinho),

    Rui José, Algoritmi/Univ. Minho


10:15 – Session II

Session Chair: Alexandre Santos

  1. Characteristics of channels of IEEE 802.15.4 compliant sensor networks,

    Thanh-Dien Tran, Ricardo Silva, David Nunes and Jorge S. Silva, DEI/Univ. Coimbra


  2. MoteISTx5 (embedded platform for Wireless Sensor Networks),

    José Catela, João Gonçalves, IT/Lisboa


11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break

11:30 – Session III

Session Chair: Manuel Ricardo

  1. Fine-Grained Collection of Physical Parameters for Large Datacenters,

    Nuno Pereira, Stefano Tennina, Eduardo Tovar, CISTER/ISEP


  2. Characterizing the impact of topology characteristics on the performance of WMN using data mining,

    Tânia Calçada, Paulo Cortez, Manuel Ricardo, INESC/Porto; Algoritmi/Univ. Minho


  3. Multimedia Requirements in Next Generation Mobile Networks,

    Nuno Vasco Lopes, Maria João Nicolau and Alexandre Santos, Algoritmi/Univ. Minho


12:30 – 14:00 Lunch Break

14:00 – Session IV
Session Chair: Diogo Gomes

  1. Cooperation Mechanisms for Mobile Health Applications,

    Tiago M. F. Machado, Bruno M. Silva, Ivo M. Lopes, and Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues, IT/Univ. Beira Interior


  2. Human mobility analysis by collaborative radio landscape observation,

    Carlos Pérez-Penichet, Ângelo Conde and Adriano Moreira, Algoritmi/Univ. Minho


14:45 – Session V – Special Session on Ubiquimesh
Session Chair: Susana Sargento

  1. The Vision of UBIQUIMESH and its Achievements,

    Susana Sargento, IT/Univ. Aveiro


  2. Self-awareness and Decisions in Mesh Networking with QoE social metrics,

    Lucas Guardalben, Carlos Ferreira, Tomé Gomes, Susana Sargento, IT/Univ. Aveiro


  3. Cross-layer FEC-based Mechanism to ensure Quality of Experience in video transmission,

    Roger Immich, Marília Curado, CISUC/Univ. Coimbra


  4. Multiple Mesh Ubiquitous Networks with WiMAX: Highlights on the mapping between Quality of Service and Experience,

    Daniel Robalo, Fernando J. Velez and João Oliveira, IT/Univ. Beira Interior


16:15 – 16:45 Coffee Break, Demos and Posters

16:45 – Session VI
Session Chair: Fernando Velez

  1. Automatic Rule Inference Platform for Smart Environments,

    Mário Antunes, Diogo Gomes, Rui Aguiar, IT/Univ. Aveiro, IT/IST


  2. An SNMP-based Solution for Vehicular Delay-Tolerant Networks Management,

    Bruno F. Ferreira, João N. Isento, João A. Dias, Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues, and Liang Zhou, IT/Univ. Beira Interior


  3. Architectures for the ISP-friendly Hybrid CDN-P2P for Live Video streaming,

    Chetak Kandaswamy, MAP-tele


17:30 – 18h00 RTCM Management Meeting and closing session